Saturday, May 27, 2017

Good morning!
I think it's about time to announce things publicly. 
After many years of shinanigans and hard slugging with some very wonderful humans,
I find that it's time to leave my post at our local Independant grocer. 
It's a decision that was made with mixed emotions and my leaving has been rushed on by a recurring injury that I have been assured will heal if I stop and rest.
It means leaving many wonderful friends who have been working extra hard to cover for shortcomings due to my injury. 
I will miss you all so very much and plan on listening to Tenacious D's "Dude I totally miss you" Many times over the next few months.
Please stay in touch! 
There will be cookies and tea or a good stiff drink for any of you needing a friend fix. 
Drop in!! 

I am also ready to announce that our new adventure involves not only my staying home to play with the Beastie and make bread, 
but also my new carreer as a nail technician.
will be taking appointments VERY SOON!!!
Stay tuned to the facebook page for the unveiling.

Here are some pics of  my life as a grocery store clerk.
These pics are and will always be a treasure, .

Much Love!

Monday, May 1, 2017

All Work and No Play......

Busy, busy, busy..... But there's time to breathe and watch the pomp poms erupt on the trees. They look Seussian...

It's SPRING!!!! That means we can go to the park!

The Tickle Trunk has been located...

This happened...
Don't judge me...

Spring time Fimo Nail Canes have been applied...

Beastie is WAY more interested in digging rocks than picking pretty flowers...

I'm a Ghostie!

Thunder and lightening...

A joyful roll in the long grass...

Teensy one stroke roses for Nammy.

Hope you're all hanging in there. Spring has hit our neck of the woods. I am officially a student again and it feels wonderful! Changes are still in the works. We're getting closer everyday to announcing them formally. Please do stay around to share the happy!